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The koroneiki variety


Koroneiki (Olea Europea var. Microcarpa alba or otherwise var.Mastoides) and also goes with a lot of a lot of nick names.

The queen of Greek olive varieties is the product of centuries (at least 10) of systematic cultivation with her home in the Koroni region when it was the most important trading port of the Peloponnese.

It is a variety of microbes. Without special soil and climatic requirements to the extent that it competes with the wild. It is characterized by two important advantages: its drought resistance and its high and stable fruit yield (from 30 to over 150 kg of fruit per tree).

The Coronese olive variety contains a large amount of olive oil, a substance with a strong anti-inflammatory effect similar to those found in medicines, as well as olive oil, which is the most powerful antioxidant in olive oil.

Olive oil is the substance that causes the throat to burn when swallowed. This, according to experienced olive growers, shows that the oil is good.

International and Greek studies to prove the health protection of olive oil have shown that the oil derived from the Coronese variety has the highest content of anti-inflammatory substances