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Our olive oil


Extra Virgin Coronic Oil.

Available from a producer of fresh premium quality olive oil in November 2019. The olive grove variety is cultivated with the experience of the producer and with the advice of a skilled agronomist.

Its taste and color are wonderful, its acidity is 0.16. It can be sold in 16lt for 70 € and 5lt for 25 €. Within Attica it is shipped free of charge, shipping costs incurred in the provinces. Prices apply to retail too.


Olive oil and its endless special properties.

After research by the University of Athens (and based on reports of the medicinal effects of oil in ancient Greece by Dioscourides), it has been shown that olive oil has antioxidant, neuroprotective and cardioprotective properties.

This is due to a special substance, which has quite strong anti-inflammatory activity, as well as the medicines and to the oleacin, which is the most powerful antioxidant in the olive oil.

They also concluded that the amount of anti-inflammatory substances in Koronean olive oil is quite high, but also that it is due to many and complex reasons, such as climatic conditions, soil elements and cultivator care.

So it is extremely healthy and essential in our diet olive oil.


Olive Oil Analysis


Fresh olive oil is available from 16-11-2019

Thank you to all of you trusting me and my products. I will keep offering you high quality of Olive oil in accordance to the terms of sustainability.